We are committed to leveraging the Merrimack River that runs through the University of Massachusetts Lowell campus to engage middle and high school students in the hydrologic sciences. The Lowell Canal System provides additional opportunities to promote the environmental sciences and human-environment interactions to college students and the general public. We are developing a wireless water quality sensor network with Prof. Fred Martin in the Department of Computer Science to instrument sections of the Merrimack River and canal network in the City of Lowell to monitor water quality parameters. The data will be uploaded to the cloud to provide live visualizations of river and canal water conditions across seasons and during storms. Through a partnership with the Lowell Parks and Conservation Trust - Lowell Leaders in Stewardship program, after-school students will be able to visualize changes to the surface water as it flows through the canal and river system. If you may be interested in the web visualizations or water quality data for teaching, please contact Prof. James Heiss at james_heiss@uml.edu.

Water quality sensor circuit boards

Custom sensor board layout