We are seeking a postdoctoral researcher to work on terrestrial and coastal hydrogeology, beginning September 1, 2022. The project is funded by a National Science Foundation grant and focuses on groundwater-surface water interactions in the Chesapeake, Delaware, and Merrimack River estuaries. If interested, please contact James Heiss (james_heiss@uml.edu) for more information.

Research in the Hydrogeology Group at UMass Lowell is centered on groundwater-surface water and chemical exchanges along the land-sea margin. We integrate physical sciences (hydrology, coastal ocean processes, climate science) with biogeochemistry to understand the distribution, behavior, and quality of groundwater beneath the coastline. We are currently exploring interactions between groundwater and waves, tides, currents, and sea level rise using field experiments, numerical models, and quantitative synthesis of large datasets.

Undergraduate and graduate students interested in coastal hydrogeology are encouraged to contact james_heiss@uml.edu for available research opportunities. Graduate studies are available through MS and PhD programs in the Department of Environmental, Earth, and Atmospheric Sciences and the University of Massachusetts Intercampus Marine Science Program.


June 2022 Graduate student Ola Olorunsaye was awarded a GSA Graduate Student Research Grant. Congrats, Ola!

April 2022 We were in the field in Duck, NC extracting wells from the intertidal zone.

April 2022 See our recently published paper in Frontiers in Marine Science on seasonal and spatial production patterns of dissolved inorganic carbon and total alkalinity in a shallow beach aquifer.

December 2021 See graduate student Clara Cogswell's recently published paper in the Journal of Geophysical Research: Biogeosciences on climate and seasonal temperature controls on biogeochemical cycling in coastal aquifers.

September 2021 Olasunkanmi Olorunsaye joined the Hydro Group. Welcome!

September 2021 See our recently published paper in Earth-Science Reviews on geochemical fluxes in sandy beach aquifers.

August 2021 We were on the Outer Banks in Duck, NC installing wells and instruments in the beach.

July 2021 Graduate student Clara Cogswell defended her MS thesis titled Climate and Seasonal Temperature Controls on Biogeochemical Transformations in Unconfined Coastal Aquifers. Congrats, Clara!

June 2021 We were at the Army Corps of Engineers Field Research Facility in Duck, NC conducting an electrical resistivity tomography survey between the surf zone and dune.

March 2021 See our recently published paper in Water on measurement of flow and biogeochemistry in beach aquifers.

November 2020 See our recently published paper in Water Resources Research on groundwater flow and moisture dynamics in heterogeneous swash zone sediments.

October 2020 Graduate student Clara Cogswell presented her poster on the role of temperature on biogeochemical processes in beach aquifers at GSA 2020 Connects Online!

September 2020 See our recently published paper in Water Resources Research on the role of particulate organic carbon on fueling biogeochemical processes in beach pore water.

August 2020 See our recently published paper in the Journal of Contaminant Hydrology investigating beach wrack and whale burial leachate fluxes to the subtidal zone.

June 2020 See our recently published paper in Hydrological Processes on groundwater-surface water exchange and moisture dynamics across beaches.

May 2020 See our recently published paper in Environmental Research Letters on the effects of geologic heterogeneity on flow dynamics and nitrogen cycling in beach aquifers.

March 2020 The Hydrogeology Group was in the field jetting wells to 9 meters at the Waquoit Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve.

September 2019 Bryce Mase and Clara Cogswell joined the Hydro Group. Welcome!

August 2019 Joined other academics and agency personnel at the Nearshore Extreme Event Reconnaissance (NEER) Development conference at the Virginia Tech Executive Briefing Center in Arlington, Virginia.

June 2019 We were in the field at the Waquoit Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve sampling porewater in the intertidal zone.

June 2019 We joined other researchers and leadership at UMass Lowell on a joint UMass Lowell-Portugal Workshop on Terceira Island in the Azores to promote and launch research collaboratives.

May 2019 The UMass Lowell Climate Change Initiative briefs Massachusetts legislators on climate change and policy.

December 2018 We presented at the AGU 2018 Fall Meeting in Washington, DC on the role of geologic heterogeneity on generating denitrification hotspots in beach aquifers.